birthday brunch at josephine house | austin, texas

another year has passed and i’m the big 34 today. (happy birthday, me!) wow. 34. the days of big parties and waking up with a hangover are behind me. now, i prefer birthday brunches and birthday dinners at a restaurant i normally wouldn’t have the guts to splurge on. yes, i am that 20’s vs. 30’s cliche. so i knew how i would want to spend the weekend… in austin checking out some restaurants that i don’t normally get the opportunity to visit. enter josephine house. it has been named one of the best brunch spots in austin and for good reason!


i couldn’t have asked for better weather for this day. the sun was shining, the breeze was a-breezin’ and the birds were singing. it really was the perfect morning weather. we arrived around 11am and there was a slight 30 minute wait — definitely expected for one of the best brunch spots in austin. we weren’t short of things to admire in the meantime. the florals were brightly blooming, crowds gathered underneath bistro lights in the courtyard and sipped on mimosas and rosé as they waited for their name to be called for a table. i was hoping we would get a table outside but then again, i was hoping it wouldn’t be *too* hot to sit outside – this texas weather is unpredictable. we wound up sitting at an outside table which is perfect because i love hearing the birds sing.


josephine house really is the most charming and quaint place i have been to recently. the interior hosts the most beautiful natural light reflecting off of bright white, shiplap walls. counters are adorned by white marble and touches of natural wood showcase sporadically throughout the restaurant. i mean c’mon, even the bathroom was super cute with their marble penny tile flooring, personalized drying napkins and garden flowers.

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but why did i choose josephine house for brunch? sure, the name was appropriate but i came to try out the world famous lemon ricotta pancakes which turned out to be THE BEST PANCAKES I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. it’s no secret i love citrus, lemons especially. and i love pancakes. like really love pancakes. this was the best combination of breakfast my tastebuds had ever stumbled upon. the lemon flavoring in the pancakes was subtle enough to show a presence but not tart enough to purse my lips. really, it was the PERFECT combination. and that ricotta. oh my that ricotta. i mean, i don’t know how to put this any other way than to say IT WAS THE BEST.

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my dude opted for huevos rancheros (you can take the guy out of san antonio but you can’t take san antonio out of the guy!) which he stated were “excellent”. the ranchero sauce over the eggs had such a unique flavor while the onions, black beans, cilantro and a splash of lime tied it all together on top of a crispy tostado. delicioussss.

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if you’re even in austin, josephine house is located at 1601 waterston, austin texas 78703.

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