blood orange upside down cake

i love blood oranges. i mean, they just sound intense. i don’t think those oranges were bullied in school because they sound so street. blood oranges. on top of that, they just look so beautiful. bright oranges with transitions into deep burgundy. nature is beautiful, isn’t it? great. now i sound like a hippie. moving on…this cake is ridiculously easy. no seriously. there is no easier cake. what i did was get a 9″ round cake pan and placed parchment paper along the bottom. then, i thinly sliced a mixture of cava cava oranges and blood oranges and placed them along the bottom in any design i thought looked pretty. then, i got my trusty box of duncan hines french vanilla cake mix, mixed it all up and poured the batter into the cake pan. EASY.

once the cake is baked to perfection and cooled, flip the cake over and see your beautiful work exposed. a note though, some people may find the orange peel a little bitter. i find if you let the cake sit overnight, the bitterness goes away. of course, another option is to remove the peelsΒ before placing them on the parchment paper. enjoy!




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