day trip to austin

san antonio is about a hour and a half drive away from austin which is really awesome because the two cities are extremely different even though they’re close geographically. (hey, a hour and a half is close to us texans. have you seen how big our state is?) we’re very lucky that the culinary scene has just exploded in our two cities within the past few years so it was nice to get out san antonio for awhile and explore some of austin’s eclectic culture and new tastes. trust me, it doesn’t disappoint.

a few spots we recommend is brunch at josephine house and/or elizabeth street cafe. take a drive down south congress and park at the south congress hotel. they have so much to offer like manana coffee, juice & bakeshop and their bar, central standard. south congress ave. is aΒ good walk. sit down at hotel san jose and take a dip in their pool.

need something a little more downtown? check out the rooftop pool at the westin and enjoy the sunset inbetween the austin skyline. looking for something a little more romantic? head to mt. bonnell and watch the sun set over lake austin. austin has so many nice little nook and crannies, you’ll always find something to enjoy.

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i grew up around motorcycles thanks to my dad. motocross, street, you name it. so it was only in my genes to head to revival cycles first. they have some great, great products for the two-wheel enthusiast.


stephen f. frostin’. i’m a sucker for a damn good pun. this one is a texas best!

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