marissa hermer’s basic pancakes


Let’s get something straight. To me, there is nothing better than binge watching Bravo in bed. Does anyone else do that? All the cool kids are doing, right? With that said, I am a huge Ladies of London fan. I’ve always had a dream of living in London so I live vicariously through these ladies. When Marissa Hermer announce she was releasing a cookbook, I pretty much preordered it a year in advance. An American living in London recreating English dishes with an American twist? Score!

Since I only get one weekend day off a week, I usually spend it at home. Hey, I’m a homebody. I rarely go out for brunch so I decided to try Marissa’s Basic Pancakes with ricotta cheese. The first time I had ricotta cheese pancakes… I basically cried out in bewilderment on how I lived life so long without them. Read that post here.


The recipe was easy to understand and the ingredients were like the title stated: basic. Since majority of my pancakes are from the Bisquick persuasion, I was excited to try out a recipe from scratch. These pancakes were so light and fluffy! The ricotta cheese added so much. At first, I was like “What? Cheese?” but really, it was fantastic and now a recipe in rotation for at-home brunch.

Now all I need is Sophie Stanbury’s hair.


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