You had me at Aloe

13cd38a56ab6970c049362f6275887bfLets be real. I “succ” at gardening. (See what I did there?) Succulents tend to be the only plant life my (lack of) green thumb will allow to blossom.

* Fun fact, I have plastic succulents in my office from Target that people justΒ gush over. You read correct. Plastic. But they look super real. Shoutout to Target!

However, through all the plants that I’ve unintentionally killed, I have learned quite a bit about succulents. Not only are they super fab looking and make great centerpieces for a more rustic wedding or event, they are really easy to maintain.

the basics

Pots: Choose terracotta and other porous, unglazed containers with drainage holes to balance soil moisture and allow excess water to evaporate.

Potting Mix:Β Combine two parts potting soil, one part course sand and one part perlite for a well-draining mix. Or you can purchase a mix labeled for cactus.

Light: Place plants in the intense, direct light of a south-facing window. Some succulents adapt to bright light in east or west windows.

Water: Throughout the growing season, water weekly; include half-strength fertilizer once a month. During winter, water sparingly – just enough to sustain roots and prevent leaves from becoming limp or shriveled.

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