A Night Out: Burgerteca Media Tasting


I had the pleasure of attending Burgerteca's media tasting (thanks Giant Noise!) and all I can say is Chef Johnny Hernandez did NOT disappoint. But c'mon, were we expecting him to? The man delivers on all things culinary so loving this menu was expected. Burgerteca is the most anticipated opening in San Antonio, with its grand opening happening on Monday, December 4th to the public but I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of his menu. Come with me on this culinary adventure...


Upon arrival, we were greeted by the always lovely Catherine from Giant Noise and a limited menu that did not hold back on flavors. Chef Johnny Hernandez made the rounds making sure to greet everyone while still keeping a watchful eye on his kitchen. While everyone was getting acquainted, the Burgerteca staff brought out full size portions of their hamburgers, followed by various sliders and variations of fries such as their mole fries, chili con queso fries and classic french fries.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks were flowing while people busted out their phones, cameras, tripods, quills, whatever they had on hand to record the moment. Me? Well I got a limonada agua fresca (no drinking for me) which was refreshingly delicious. Sometimes you get some that are too sweet, too bitter but these were just right - like Goldilocks and the Three Bears "just right." 

The burgers I sampled were the al pastor, big tex classic with bacon and cheese; and pacifica. All three had such different flavor varieties. See menu above for details on ingredients. My favorite was the al pastor. It had such a unique fusion of Mexican flavors with American cuisine. Big Tex (second fave) was delicious. It was such a classic burger but it felt like it was something I hadn't tasted before. Pacifica was more of a tropical flavor with its seared tuna, lime, jalapeno and coleslaw. All three were so different which made the whole tasting absolutely surprising. 

 Big Tex Classic slider

Big Tex Classic slider

 Variations of sliders

Variations of sliders

The fries. Let's talk about the fries. Fries are like a main food group to me. I love fries. These fries are what dreams are made of. My favorite were the chili con queso fries. With melted cheese, diced tomatoes and crispy potatoes, they could do no wrong. I honestly would be totally content with just ordering fries - they are that good.

I highly, highly recommend visiting Burgerteca. You can feel the passion Chef Johnny Hernandez puts into his food and the love he has for his Blue Star/Southtown/Lone Star area. He believes in his side of town and what it has to offer. Burgerteca is his gift to the community and what a delicious gift it is!

Burgerteca is located at: 403 Blue Star, San Antonio